Dear Team Olympus,
Your epic journey has endend with a heroic finish.
Showing such strength to succeed together.
You truly express the Spirit of Adventure Racing.
Recover your strength and Health.
You have a Story to Tell.

For Four Friends

Großartig Team Olympus.
Wir sind so stolz auf euch. Viel Kraft für die letzte Etappe.
Bleibt gesund.
Alles Liebe von Horst, Annelore, Bert und Tina

Eat and go

Dear Team Olympus,
We can see you doing so well on the final cycling leg.
You deserve a standing ovation for that.
Keep going.
You are coming Home.
Love from all your Family and Friends.


Dear Team Olympus,
Another incredible achievement and more to come.
This is your Race.
Encouragement from all of us.

brave Olympians

Awesome Team Olympus,
We are here to lift your Spirits on the Night Shift.
Thoughts from around the World to keep your hearts warm.
Travel Safe and strong.
You are doing so well.

Yes we can

Hey Team Olympus,
We are all still here sending Magic thoughts.
With you all the way through thick and thin.
Keep Going .

Magic Team Olympus

Dear Team Olympus,
I wish you could hear Alex’s Dad talking to you, as you race through the Night.
Every Time the dot is in trouble he mutters that he must send some Magic thoughts.
I hope all these Magic thoughts from around the world reach you on a moonbeam.
Go safe and go strong. You are in our hearts and minds. You are doing so well.